You Bought My Stuff!! – MAVRIK MRKT Edition

Last Saturday, I was very happy to have a table at the very first MAVRIK MRKT at one of my favourite Toronto hangs, MAVRIK Wine Bar. The place is a great place for drinks on a Saturday night, even for this beer drinker, and it is now carving out a great reputation as a weekend day hot spot. Along with about another half dozen local food vendors I sold almost all of my sprawl mad up of Anzac biscuits, hot milk cake, cinnamon chocolate sauce, pecan rum cupcakes, cheesy chili cornbread muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great success. If you missed out, most of recipes are on this very blog. Go figure! Check out some of the pictures below. I’ll keep you all posted on upcoming events just like this one.

My bestie Shasha who stayed with me for all 5 hours and helped me tack up this sign about 10 times. This was before we got forced inside because of the rain…

My table. Can’t say I’m not impressed with myself.

Cinnamon Chocolate Sauce in mini mason jars.

Hot Milk Cake

Anzac Biscuits (recipe to come soon!)

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