Vegan Baking Party!!

Cupcake Party Table

Me and my roommates like to eat. So, we like to host parties with the central theme of eating. This weekend, my roomie and a few other friends came over for a vegan baking party. I highly recommend you do the same. I  set up a cupcake bar with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate icing and six different toppings. I think I ate five cupcakes that day and probably three since then… Err, bootcamp class anyone? Check out some of the pictures below.


Arial view of the cupcake layout.


The toppings bar. Clockwise from top left: Tori’s Bakeshop Ba”con”, sprinkles, Oreo crumbles, regular coconut, chocolate sauce, raspberry compote.


Chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting and a lemon pomegranate wine cocktail.

Bacon Cupcake

My first cupcake creation, double vanilla cupcake with Ba”con”.


A very gourmet looking cupcake made by my friend Carly. Chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, chocolate sauce and raspberry compote.


My friend Andrea counterbalancing the gluttonous feast with a plate of raw veggies.

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