My West Coast Vacay: A Vegan Pilgrimage


So once upon a very long time ago, I went on a vacation to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. This is the long overdue blog about that trip. All of you vegans out there know that those three cities are a beautiful trifecta of food potential. And boy did they deliver. Portland is everything that it is hyped to be and I’m pretty sure that I will end up finding some way to live there forever. Well maybe… In the meantime, I can just look at these pictures and remember every delicious bite.

Vancouver Brunch

Build your own brunch at Heirloom in Vancouver.  Avocado mash, coconut beans, breakfast potatoes and Field Roast sausage. 

Vancouver Tacos

Mixed tacos at Bandidas Taqueria in Vancouver.

Edible Flours

A brownie and carrot cake cupcake from Edible Flours in Vancouver.


Purple Potato Taquitos from Plum Bistro, Seattle: whole beans, cilantro, parmesan, pico de gallo.


Spicy Cajun Mac and Yease from Plum Bistro, Seattle.


Plum Bistro‘s Fish & Chips (This may have been the best thing I ate all trip. The trick, nori inside the batter!)

French Dip

Plum Bistro‘s Seitan French Dip: oyster mushrooms, onions, jalapeno aioli.


Specially made vegan thali from Poppy, Seattle.

Sizzle Pie

Sizzle f’n Pie, Portland. Lets just say, this was not the only pizza we got from there. This one is the New Maps Out Of Hell. The most amazing selection of vegan pizza, probably in the world. Plus, a delicious vegan Caesar salad.

Cheese Plate

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a VEGAN CHEESE PLATE. Portobello, Portland. ‘Nuff said.


Also from Portobello, ravioli: cashew cheese stuffed with tomato basil sauce.

Not pictured, our delicious meal from Sutra in Seattle. It was a dining experience unlike I have ever experience so it was a little too intimate to take pictures.

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2 thoughts on “My West Coast Vacay: A Vegan Pilgrimage

  1. Hooray for your West Coast trip! I’m so happy you checked out Portobello… I LOVE THAT PLACE! And thanks for the delicious documenting of the other places that I will surely have to check out the next time I venture to the North West! : )

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