Fresh Fruit Strawberry Daiquiri

Header - Strawberry Daquri

Holy moly. It is HAWT in Toronto. And my hair may not live to tell the tale. Note: It is big. So to get through this temperature spike it is time to crack out the blended drinks.

When I was younger/still today I loved/love a good daiquiri. Not like, the fancy, classic cocktail kind (which I also do enjoy). The blended, made from the Bacardi frozen mix kind of daiquiri. If you have ever been to Earl’s, you know what frozen blended drink heaven can be. When I was young, as a special treat, my dad would make me a virgin strawberry daiquiri using the premade mix.

True, those were vegan anyways. But, I replicated the drink using real fresh strawberries. And it was amazing. So fire up the blenders. Heck, it is Sunday night. What else are you doing?

1 c. white rum

3 c. fresh strawberries, roughly chopped

1/4 c. lime juice, freshly squeezed

1 tbsp. agave nectar

2 c. ice cubes, more if needed

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth with few ice chunks.

Add more ice to make it more slushy if you want. Enjoy outside with chips and guacamole or a delicious veggie burger (see above). Makes 4-6 glasses.

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