Buy Some Antique Appetite Goodies For The Holidays

Holy crap. My hair.

Anyways…Inspired by an idea planted by my good friend Elvis, I have decided to sell a special holiday treat box. I am really excited about this and can’t wait to share some of my favourite holiday goodies.

Here is what you need to know:

– Each box is $12. I’m pretty sure everyone who will order one knows me personally so you can just give me cash. If you don’t know me, we can figure out some other payment method. But, you must live in Toronto.

– Each box will include a mixed variety of family Christmas standards including shortbread, peanut butter balls and rum balls. Every box will also be packaged with a festive ribbon and blank tag, perfect for gift giving.

– All orders will be accepted until December 7 and pick up will happen the week of December 17. I can’t guarantee freshness until December 25 so the sooner you eat the goodies after pick-up the better.

– Just because I am pretty busy, these will have limited availability so get your orders in early.

– Please note that all of these treats are made in my home kitchen. I take food safety standards seriously but please be aware that these will not be made in a commercial kitchen.

Alright! Send me your orders to The orders will be taken first come, first serve. But if the response is good I may do something like this again in the new year.

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