Crispy Golden Latkes


For a fairly conventional, suburban Calgary family we grew up eating food from a lot of different cultures. It wouldn’t be that weird for us to have curry or sushi in the same week as roast beef or spaghetti.

So ever since I was in elementary school my mom would make us latkes for dinner on one of the eight nights of Hanukkah. It was this delicious tradition that my mom was as insistent in maintaining as visiting the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints nativity pageant.

This recipe makes salty and crisp latkes. It is the most basic version but you could add a ton of different things like onion or parsley. And don’t skimp on squeezing the moisture out of the potatoes. It makes all of the difference. Happy Hanukkah!

2 large boiling potatoes

1 egg made with egg replacer, follow package instructions

1 tbsp. flour

1/2 tsp. pepper

1/2 tsp. salt

vegan sour cream and apple sauce to serve

Peel and grate the potatoes using a box grater. Take a small handful of the grated potato, wrap in a few layers of paper towel and squeeze out as much moisture as possible. Continue until all of the potato is dry and transfer it all into a medium sized bowl.

Add the egg made with egg replacer, flour, pepper and salt and mix until well combined.

Heat a splash (or more) of olive oil in a large frying pan on medium heat. Drop the mixture into the hot pan and flatten into palm sized circles. Fry in batches of three or so, flipping once the first side is golden. Each side takes about 6-7 minutes. You may have to add more oil to the pan between batches.

Dab the cooked latkes with a paper towel so they stay crisp. Serve them alongside vegan sour cream and apple sauce.

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