Delicious Tofu Ricotta Cannelloni

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So as you may have noticed, probably not, that I haven’t posted a recipe for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to make excuses but work has been nutso. I barely have had time to make anything more than a salad and buy some Chipotle. But, I managed to scrounge up a few minutes to make this delicious cannelloni like my mama used to make.

There is actually not much prep involved which is great. Although, I have memories of my mom complaining about having to stuff these damn things. Not to make her seem like a complainer. She is actually one of the most amiable people I have ever known. Give this a go when you have the time this weekend. I’m off to vegan paradise, Portland!

1 block firm tofu

1/3 c. nutritonal yeast

1 tbsp. garlic powder

1 c. baby spinach, shredded

1/4 c. soy milk

1/3 c. fresh basil, shredded

1 tsp. dried oregano

salt and pepper to taste

18 cannelloni tubes (or more)

1 jar pasta sauce

1 c. Daiya mozzarella shreds

Preheat the oven to 375°F.

In a large bowl, break apart the tofu into small crumbles with a potato masher or wire whisk.  Add in nutritional yeast, garlic powder, spinach, soy milk, basil, oregano, salt and pepper and mix until well combined. This is going to be your filling.

Fill the bottom of a lasagne size pan with a thin layer of jarred pasta sauce. Stuff each of the cannelloni tubes with the vegan filling. Lay them in the pan side by side, pretty close together. Spread more sauce over the pasta and then top with the mozzarella shreds.

Put the cannelloni in the oven for 45 minutes or until the pasta is soft and cooked through. Enjoy with a big ole side or Caesar salad.

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